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العرض الفني لشركة فيوسوفت Viewsoft ErP System

1 Executive Summary
Viewsoft is one of the MEA's "Middle East and Africa" leading providers of business management software. Viewsoft helps companies manage core business processes with a cost-effective, configurable, fully integrated system covering ERP, CRM, ecommerce and more. Our ERP software maximizes productivity across your entire organization. With many years of experience; our market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a proven, trusted foundation – built to support the MEA largest organizations as well as small and midsize companies. As pioneers in the ERP consulting industry, ViewSoft provides highly techniques to minimize IT project risk, accelerate ERP implementation progress, and increase the success and value of your ERP initiatives.

2 Our Mission
We believe that success comes from cooperation and our mission in ViewSoft is to provide innovative, configurable, flexible, cost-effective solutions to common business problems and empowers organizations to improve business performance through increased productivity and business agility.

3 Our Vision
View soft vision is to be the most trusted provider of ERP and CRM solutions for SME “Small, Medium and Enterprise” in MEA by supplying high-quality products and services to our customers in order to continue achieving sustainable growth.

4 Our Staff
We see our employees as our partners in success. Because we believe only a strong team can drive an organization's growth. We have on our team some of the best brains in the industry, with rich experience and expertise in their areas of specialization. We have broad expertise's that are highly educated, focused, committed and dedicated to meet the increasing requirements of our wide range of clients across the globe ERP.
5 Proposal Scoop ( ViewSoft Products )
5.1 ViewSoft ERP
5.1.1 Financial Suite.
• General Ledgers:  This module provides companywide control and integration of financial information. This module provides the ability to centrally track financial accounting data within a framework of multiple companies, languages and currencies. The General Ledger (GL) module is the heart of finance package of an ERP system.  Through integration with logistics, business processes as well as with accounting sub ledgers of other finance modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, GL provides a central pool of accounting data required for finance reporting (including statutory reports) and other purpose.

• Account Receivables: This module provides the functionality to enter, monitor, maintain and process for receivables of invoices and credit notes that the organization received from its clients. AR module provides accounts receivables classification and control. Helps in tracking sales invoices that is awaiting payment from customers. Automatic matching them with receipts. Provides aging analysis report.
• Account Payables: This module provides the functionality to enter, monitor, maintain and process for payment of invoices and debit notes that the organization received from its suppliers.  AP module provides accounts payables classification and control, helps in tracking purchasing invoices that is awaiting payment from suppliers, automatic matching them with receipts, Helps in on-line credit management, provides aging analysis report. Follow up interest for late payments.
• Fixed Assets: This module provides total command and control over your entire fixed asset life cycle – from acquisition to disposal. Easy to install, customize and use, Fixed Assets solutions offer a variety of features and solutions for Business, Not-for-Profit, Government and Education organizations.
• Cost Center Allocations: The costing module is one of the important controlling modules, which enables effective internal cost control and accounting. All functionalities regarding cost analysis and cost allocations are provided by this module. The cost accounting module is highly integrated with budget and general ledger modules as well as draws input and provides output to various logistics modules such as sales, procurement, and warehousing. This module consists of following functionalities:

5.1.2 ViewSoft Logistics Suite Description:
• Inventory Control: These module facilities processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. ERP inventory module covers all stock related functions of an organization. Stock management and valuation activities, which form the backbone of any organization generally, take a lot of time and resources. Inventory handles all the store activities of issues, dispatches, receipts and quality control. The lot wise stock of each item is maintained and various MIS are provided for tracking stock movement.

• Sales &Customers: This Module is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. It involves order entry, order tracing and status reporting, pricing, invoicing, etc... ViewSoft Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer's loyalty and gaining customers insight. This module also help to you getting your customers order management easier day by day. Whether it is maintaining customer's information, quickly creating a quote or migrating them to sales order.

• Purchasing &Vendors: The Purchasing Module provides complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders. The Purchasing module provides controls to manage supplier data, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, subcontract shipping and receiving, and other purchasing functions. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control.

• Letter of Credit: This module is designed to cover external purchasing through letters of credit by commonly accepted types, either by L.C through banks; in which bank is temporarily affording portion of letter's value until supplier's payment, or affording total value against deduction from supplier's account. Or it can be handled through documentary collections with the supplier directly.

5.1.3 ViewSoft HR suite Description.
ViewSoft HR module helps companies manage the entire recruitment process and provides a real-time view of all HR activities such as recruitment, training, benefits and payroll. The HR module deals with the basic concept of employee record keeping, attendance details, Employee Leave Status, Employee Salary Generation, employee Advance Status, Marketing and Conveyance Details of the Employee. Increment details of Salary and department wise grouping of employee and tree relationship
• Personal: Personnel management includes numerous software components, which allow you to deal with human resources tasks more quickly, accurately and efficiently like HR master data, Personnel administration, information systems, recruitment, travel management, benefits administration, and salary administration.

• Payroll: The payroll system can fulfill the payroll requirements and provide you with the flexibility to respond to your changing needs. You should be able to centralize your payroll processing, or decentralize the data based on country or legal entities.

• Time Attendance: It is a flexible tool designed to handle complicated evaluation rules to fulfill regulatory requirements and determine overtime and other time related data. The time evaluation component stores your organizations business rules and automatically validates hours worked and wage types
• Performance Appraisal: Appraisal Module allows you enables you to align employee performance with enterprise objectives, assess performance, and apply integrated rewards, and also records information from the appraisal meeting. Each employee can be set up with KPI (Key Performance Indicators), which can be set and measured.

• Recruitment: ViewSoft Recruitment Module gives you everything you need to ease the recruitment process using tools to manage the entire recruitment process with a Flexible, Professional and Streamlined approach. ViewSoft recruitment procedures have been changed into a flexible, user friendly, efficient, comprehensive recruitment engine which can be easily embedded into your companies’ website.

• Training: ViewSoft Training Module enables you to maximize your abilities and minimize your time when using ViewSoft Training Module. We offer comprehensive and easy-to-understand training Module that is designed to rapidly assist all types and skills of users reach high levels of proficiency and productivity.

• Medical Care: This module handle different kinds of operations associated with health care management. The main module basically handles medical records including patient related information. ViewSoft Medical Care Module attempts to improve the quality of patient care and operational efficiency for physicians, support and admin staff, while keeping costs down and optimizing back-end operations.
5.1.4 ViewSoft Manufacture suite
ViewSoft covers the entire process of any production or planning cycle. ViewSoft ERP Manufacturing Module provides the means to connect sales, marketing, manufacturing, financials, suppliers, customers, logistics, and service providers.it is also comprehensive functionality supports the business and operational challenges of manufacturing, including capabilities for the areas of:

Production Management:
The solutions gives you a variety of reporting tools and operations that helps you control and have the Availability of labors, tools, materials purchased, preparation time variables, clearly visualize a given production situation, validate items availability and reschedule your plans.
Planning Management:
We can define the planning module as the top of pyramid of an ERP system. Because in planning we can see stock balances, purchase requests, purchase orders, sales orders, sales forecast, production orders and factory capacity, so we can set a production plan with a real vision for current situation.

5.2 ViewSoft Document Management System (Electronic Archiving)
ViewSoft (Document Management System) helps companies to archive all types of documents in database so we can easily search and show any document, it has many features do the following:
• Define different departments in tree multi levels
• Define saving locations and link it with departments
• Define folders and documents types and its contents.
• Set users privileges with dept., locations, folders and documents  
• Set work flow cycle for each document
• Fully web based
• Completing the process of lifting the documents or access them from various work sites inside or outside company's headquarters.
• Saving documents on database which offer more security and safety.
• Upload any documents types
• Log all the document transactions.  
• Internal mail between application users

5.3 ViewSoft B.I  
Viewsoft Business Intelligence (B.I) provides some of advanced top managements reports (fully web based) like dash board , meters…..etc.  With a dynamic interaction, this can make easy to take a decision in a moment.

6 ViewSoft Global Main Features
• Fully web enabled: all application can access throw any internet browser
• Multi organization: define group with any number of companies and branches on the same database schema
• Multi currencies: define any number of currencies and determine which one as a local currency and put exchange rate  
• Multi years: continuous years on   the same database schema
• Multi users: define unlimited number of users
• Work flow: set work flow for each document with a deferent approvals stage and authorized users.
• Alert system: application fire alert messages for deferent cases depend on transaction or information or period
• Flex filed: user can modify application throw adding new columns and make necessary control for these columns
• Attachment system: can attach any number of attachments with any form and put authority for insert, delete and query
• Internal message: users can exchange messages throw application
• Internal chat: facility to get a private chat between tow users, or get a conference chat between more than tow users  
• Send e-mail: facility to send e-mail from application
• Import and export to excel: import any data from excel to application. And on the other side export any reports to excel without needed to reformat the excel file
• Set of books: if there are dome of basic data the same between more than one company so when we active this feature system copy any basic data between companies
• Online and offline integration: select integration method between online or offline
• Fully integrated: all modules are fully integrated so there is not any double work or missing data
• Favorite menus per each user: each user can design his private menu for forms and reports  
• Audit trail: full tracing for data transaction ( insert, update and delete )
• Drill down reports: when we run report we can analyze information until we reach to first level
• Powerful user profile security: set multi levels and types of security roles so we can control any user

7 Solution Architecture

8 Implementation
8.1 Strategy & Methodology

The project implementation strategy will follow a step by step approach detailed below. This will ensure the achievement of timely and accurate results matching Actiegypt expectations.

This approach ensures avoidance of re-iteration in development by closing the gap between solution design and actiegypt requirements.

8.2 Implementation Stages
8.2.1 Requirements Analysis:

8.2.2 ERP Suites Installation:
VIEWSOFT Engineers start executing the project based on the pre-defined scope of work and the approved project plans, our implementation approach is flexible and based on the software development model which identified during planning phase and also based on project nature as well.
VIEWSOFT standard implementation approach is based on deep analysis for the requirements to well understand the main challenges and concerns. We start development based on the approved analysis & design documents and generate the first prototype for internal review. VIEWSOFT Engineers will deploy the final system on the production environment and conduct the admin and on job training sessions to ensure knowledge transfer to actiegypt users.

8.2.3 Testing:

8.2.4 Handover and Go Live:

9 Implementation Team
Company Role Key Function
Actiegypt Project Sponsor Top Management Owner with full authority of commercial and functional scope authorization.
Actiegypt IT OWNER Responsible for facilitating all IT requirements necessary for implementation.
Actiegypt Business Owner (Per Module) Responsible for facilitating all business requirements necessary for implementation and training.
VIEWSOFT Project Manager Responsible for implementation timeliness, quality and scope delivery
VIEWSOFT Implementer. Responsible for analyzing actiegypt needs and implement the system.
VIEWSOFT Senior Developer Responsible for developing the actiegypt requirements and features.

10 Implementation Schedule
The implementation scope will be delivered in accordance to the following schedule:

TimeLine  from Project Start Milestone
45 Days Requirements Analysis Sign-off
1 Month Technical Solution Design Completion
7 Days Installation Completion
2 Months Knowledge Transfer Completion (User Training)
3 Months Simulation and Handover

11 Responsibility Matrix
Owned By
Actiegypt VIEWSOFT
Hardware Supplement and Installation. 
Completeness of Installation Pre-requisites. 
Delivery of all Business details and Requirements. 
Delivery of All Documentation. 
Review and Acceptance of All Documentation. 
Delivery of all ERP Suites , Reports, Dashboards , etc. 
User Acceptance Sign-off for ERP Suites , Reports, Dashboards , etc. 
Full Knowledge Transfer (Training) Inside actiegypt. 
Full Warranty After the project Delivery with 6 Months. 
Support for the ViewSoft Products ERP , CMS , CRM After ViewSoft Warranty Period 

12 Appendix A– Support Levels
Basic Standard Premium
Hours of coverage Standard business hours Standard business hours 24 Hours / 7 Days
Support channel Web and phone
Web , phone andRemotely
Web , phone andRemotely

Number of cases 2 Cases / Month 5 Cases / Month Unlimited
Severity 1 (Response Time)
4 business hour 1 business hour 1 hour
Severity 2(Response Time)
8 business hours 4 business hours 2 hours
Severity 3(Response Time)
2 business day 1 business day 4 business hours
Severity 4(Response Time)
4 business day 2 business day 8 business hours

13 Appendix B-Proposal Contacts
Wael El swifi | Chairman
ViewSoft ERP | El-Walaa Tower - Ahmed El-Zomor St - ext. Zakir Hussain St -Tenth District - Nasr City – Cairo – Egypt
Tel: +2-024712982| Fax: + 2-02-24712921|Mobile: +201069800982
Email: wael@viewsoft-eg.com | Web:www.viewsoft-eg.com


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امتداد شارع زاكر حسين - الحي العاشر - مدينة نصر - القاهرة
تليفون أرضي  : 0020224712982
تليفون محمول  : 00201010083629    - 00201010083623
ايميل           :   sales@viewsoft-eg.com
الموقع          :   www.viewsoft-eg.com

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